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Fixxture.Co is founded and designed by Jadeline - with Bachelors Degree in
Fashion Design and after working as a designer in New York City,
she gained interest in accessories and taught herself the art of jewellery making.


At the heart of Fixxture’s designs lies a desire to embolden individuals.
Like a lighting that illuminates a space, our jewelleries are designed
to give weareres the privilege to express themselves through accessorizing

With carefully crafted jewellery that channels timeless elegance,
Fixxture provides wearers with interchangeable components to
effortlessly to refresh a look. No matter the occasion, Fixxture
grants you with unique, customizable tools to complete your story.

Fixxture.Co is built for interchangeability, and made for intuitive, wearable expression.

Each jewellery is carefully designed, handmade and curated in Sydney, Australia.