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onacloudysunday necklace no.12

onacloudysunday necklace no.12

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Who: you
What: watching the clouds past
When: onacloudysunday
Where: by the window
Why: for no particular reason

Fixxture.Core compatible.


Happily strung together with Wylie charms and BO charms. Handmade with natural fresh water shell flower.

Each charm features a spring clasp, to easily attach/remove onto another charm to form a bracelet, necklace or earrings -- feel free to be the designer and rearrange the configuration to your desires.

This necklace pack comes with 18 charms, approximately 50cm and comes with a 6cm adjustable chain extender.


Due to the nature of natural gemstones and shells, please allow slight variation in design and sizes between each pair.