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wholesale Frankie Ring DIY Kit
wholesale Frankie Ring DIY Kit

wholesale Frankie Ring DIY Kit

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Whats inside: 

- x1 packet of Lavender seed beads

- x1 packet of Mint seed beads

- x1 packet of Rose seed beads

- A packet of x3 24k gold plated flower bead

- An instruction card with step by step guide, designed in house.

- A jewellery care card

- Elastic for stringing

- Paperclips

- Canvas drawstring bag


What you'll need: 
Scissors & any fast drying glue (optional) -- we'd suggest SuperGlue, or any of those that hardens and sticks your fingers together the moment you touch it. 

A tutorial video is available on our Instagram page @fixxture.co

Takes roughly 10-20 mins depending on your speed, if it takes any longer, a pre-made Frankie is available for purchase here ;)